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Why Should You Become A Tax Preparer?

As the saying goes, “In this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes.” It wasn’t Ben Franklin’s cheeriest thought, but for Tax Professionals, it means built-in job security.

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Becoming a tax professional could be the first step to the stable career you want. The knowledge and skills you develop will stick with you for the rest of your life.

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Becoming a tax professional lets you gain full or part time employment. Moreover, you can work from home for yourself and start your own tax prep business, and help individuals who are grappling with the tax laws.

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Becoming a tax professional, you’re going to gain a sense of personal fulfillment that you might not get from other jobs when you make all the numbers match up or find a way to help clients save money or see a larger tax refund.

A Challenging and Rewarding Career!

Tax preparation is a service that will likely never go out of business. With the complexity of the U.S. tax code and the number of changes occurring in the past couple of years. There will always be taxpayers willing to pay for this yearly ritual. In fact, more than half of all taxpayers turn to a professional and that number is growing.

Start your new career today! Become a tax professional in less than 4 weeks with our highly effective, online tax preparer course.

 Its Time to Start Your Tax Professional Career

Embark on the journey of building your own tax career from scratch by joining our tax preparation professional course. Discover the essential skills and knowledge required to establish and start your own successful tax career.


Ready to change your life?

Why learn from us?

LQ FINANCIAL GROUP is a Financial Services and Professional Tax firm started in 2016. 

LQ FINANCIAL ACADEMY is the professional training arm of LQ FINANCIAL GROUP with the broad objective of delivering high quality professional financial education to individuals and business owners. 

Our Tax Professional Course teaches you how to fully prepare and file taxes for clients. You will learn from our experienced instructors and start your career as a Tax Professional with a rock solid foundation for success. Upon completing the Tax Professional course, you will have attained valuable education that will allow you to reach your full potential in your career.


Founder & Coach, LQ Financial Academy

Managing Partner, LQ Financial Group


Everything that you need to become a tax professional in one course.

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Tax Preparer Program

In this tax preparer course, you will learn to prepare tax returns and research tax issues for most Form 1040 individual and non-business taxpayers, plus the basics of Schedule C/self-employed tax returns.

  • Filing Status and Income Basics 

  • Dependents and Child Credit

  • Deductions and Credits

  • Interest and Dividend Income

  • Preparing Tax Returns

  • Filing Taxes Online

Become a tax preparer in just weeks, no high-level math, no prior accounting knowledge or degree required.

Take the first step to jump start a new career in tax preparation. SIGN UP NOW!

What Will You Learn?

How to recognize and describe laws and regulations related to taxation for both individuals and the self-employed.


How to apply these appropriately to the preparation of tax forms.


How to calculate gross income and identify the elements of income that are included and excluded when making this calculations.


How to identify common itemized deductions including medical expenses, charitable contributions, and others.


How to identify and calculate tax losses; identify and calculate deductible expenses.


How to apply capital gains and losses to property transactions; accurately complete a basic Form 1040 Individual Tax Return with typical itemized deductions for a family.

Student Testimonials

Here's what our students say


"I was able to become a Tax Professional then launch my own financial services firm after taking the Tax Professional course" 

Daletta - Letta Financial Consulting


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