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What Is Artificial Intelligence (Ai)?

AI is tech that makes machines think like humans, handling tasks and solving problems without direct human control. It powers things like self-driving cars and virtual assistants, improving processes in various fields, from healthcare to finance, by making them more efficient and innovative.

Why Should You Use ChatGPT in your business?

ChatGPT is a program that uses Artificial Intelligence technology to help businesses by improving customer service, creating better marketing content, and automating tasks for increased efficiency. It understands and generates text like a person, making communication smoother and more engaging, benefiting various aspects of business operations.

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“ChatGPT is scary good...” -Elon Musk

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Welcome to our immersive CHATGPT Zoom class focused on maximizing ChatGPT for business growth!

Our class will cover the following topics and more....

  • Discovering ChatGPT's Potential: Learn about ChatGPT's capabilities and how it can be applied to your business.

  • Business Integration Strategies: Explore practical applications in customer support, sales, marketing, and content creation through real-world examples.

  • Hands-On Implementation: Learn how to create customized prompts (instructions) for ChatGPT tailored to your business needs.

  • Generate and Grow Revenue: Master ways to create automated engaging emails, social media post and ebook that you can use to generate increased revenue.

  • Infringement Awareness: Learn how to get accurate information from ChatGPT and avoid copywrite, licensing, and other possible legal issues.

  • Troubleshooting & Refinement: Gain skills to troubleshoot issues and fine-tune ChatGPT models for your business and improve the results you get from it.

Join us to unlock ChatGPT's potential and elevate your business to new heights!

What You Will Learn;

  • -Automate Social Media Posting!

  • -Automate Your Marketing!

  • -Answer Questions Better Than Google!

  • -Reduce Office Task Time by 80%!

  • -Write a Business Plan in 10MINS!

  • -Create Content in 5MINS!

  • -Make Money With Automated E-books!

  • -Make Money With Automated Emails!

  • Learn From a 20+ Year Tech Veteran!


..And Much More!

 What Is ChatGPT?

Watch this short video to learn the basics of what ChatGPT is.

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Why learn from us?

The LQ FINANCIAL ACADEMY is the professional Business Training arm of LQ FINANCIAL GROUP. Our parent company focuses on assisting professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs with high caliber financial services and business support.

At LQ FINANCIAL ACADEMY our paramount goal is to help our students get to the next level via high quality, experienced instructor lead training courses. 

We are cut the fat and teach you the exact skills that you need to become highly successful via our bootcamp style classes.


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Register for the ChatGPT Ai Class TODAY!

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